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Teeth Whitening

You deserve a unique dental experience!

Have you always dreamed of having sparkly, white teeth? You’ve come to the right place! At Arch Dental we offer our patients several different options for teeth whitening. This procedure is one of our most popular because it can immensely improve the look of your teeth. We offer in-office services or at-home kits.

• In-Office

    o In-office whitening is a safe and effective way to transform discolored teeth. The process is simple and only takes 60-90 minutes, which means you see immediate results. To begin, we’ll cover your lips and gums, leaving only your teeth exposed. Whitening gel is applied next. This gel, combined with a whitening lamp or laser, breaks up discoloration and accelerates the peroxide. The process is repeated as needed, and you leave with a bright smile!

• At-home

    o There are a variety of different options for at-home whitening. You may have seen whitening toothpastes, whitening strips and other teeth whitening products in your local drugstore. While these whitening systems can be less expensive, they’re also less effective. However, at Arch Dental we are able to create for you custom take home whitening trays. You can obtain the smile you’ve always wanted from the comfort of your own home! You will wear the trays for a few hours each day and gradually your teeth will whiten. Once you’re satisfied with your coloration, you can wear your trays less often. Unlike most drugstore whitening systems, these trays whiten all your teeth and are designed for maximum comfort.

 What are the risks?

The effects of teeth whitening are minimal. Most people’s teeth become sensitive for a short time period after the process. Some patients may also experience mild gum irritation.

Are you a good candidate for teeth whitening? Contact us today for more information!