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Laser Dentistry

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Dental lasers are a safe and precise tool utilized in a variety of treatments and procedures. Dental lasers are used to treat a specific area of the mouth without damaging any surrounding tissue. For procedures that may cause some pain and discomfort, dental lasers can be used to treat the area, reducing pain and speeding up recovery time. At our office, we are excited to offer WaterLase, a dental laser that uses laser and water spray to perform procedures with little to no pain.

Each dental laser has a unique wavelength, allowing your dentist to choose the appropriate level of power for each type of treatment.
The following is a list of dental issues that can be treated using laser therapy:

• Periodontal (gum) disease
• Endodontic procedures
• Tooth sensitivity
• Removal of benign tumors
• Cold sore treatment
• Pain and inflammation related to TMJ problems
• Relief of breathing problems due to sleep apnea

If you would like information on how dental lasers can be used to treat any of the above issues and relieve pain, please contact Arch Dental Associates.