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Regenerative Dentistry

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Regenerative dentistry is a new technique in the dental field that is being used to restore teeth and surrounding tissue. This revolutionary advancement allows accelerated recovery time after dental procedures. Our team is proud to offer this service to our patients.

Adult human stem cells have been found to have rapid healing ability, which is ideal for treating damaged teeth, nerve injury and more. These stem cells are harvested from bone marrow or even teeth, cultured in vitro, then reintroduced to the body and used to regenerate cells in the damaged area.

At Arch Dental Associates, we mostly used regenerative dentistry to help speed up the recovery time after a patient’s surgery. We are able to maximize the recovery of surgical trauma with regenerative dentistry.

Dr. Singh’s work with regenerative dentistry has recently been published in an international journal. He also describes the technique in his latest textbook, “Atlas or Oral Implantology – 3rd Edition,” which is now part of the curriculum in most dental schools worldwide.

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