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"Arch Dental, I hope I will be able to express my gratitude to the incredible staff at Le Visage. After hearing the ad on the radio, I scheduled an appointment. I was feeling very anxious. I didn't know what to expect. I have suffered with my mouth for the past 20 years. I lived with pain and discomfort every day. My mouth was not only a mess on the inside; it looked terrible from the outside. My jaw had dropped, aging me by at least 20 years. I have always been vain and this was destroying my self-image. I walked into the office and met with Dr. Singh and Miriam. I looked at Dr. Singh and said to myself, "Just what I need! . . . An incredibly handsome, young doctor." I thought I would be intimidated. Instead, Dr. Singh immediately put me at ease with his amazingly warm persona. He understood my embarrassment and was very sensitive to my feelings. Dr. Singh examined me, ordered the X-rays, and then sat me down to explain what he felt would be necessary. He answered all my questions with confidence and patience. He always made me feel competent to understand this technical procedure and, together, we would come to a positive plan of action. We scheduled another appointment when I was to meet Dr. Kaufman. This charming, distinguished man walked into the room and told me that he and Dr. Singh were going to save my life. I knew I was in good hands. There were many pre-op appointments. I was greeted with excitement from the team. Terry was going to assist Dr. Singh for the surgery and Dr. Kaufman for post-op appointments. Terry was so kind - she made me feel like one of my friends was assisting without losing any of her professionalism. Angela, the office manager, explained all my payment options and made this part of the experience easy to swallow (excuse the pun). It has been two months since my surgery, and I look and feel like a different woman, inside and out. This team of professionals gave me back my life and my dignity."

"I like Dr. Brenner because he is fun and great. He always helps you and he doesn't care if it's on short notice. I like his team because they work hard all the time. He helped me when I had a chipped tooth, and I didn't even go there, and he still fixed and bonded my teeth right there and then. He made me feel comfortable, and no one knows I have a fake tooth. He's great. Now my brothers and I go there."
Kristina, 9 years old

"After two years of feeling completely miserable, I was starting to think that I would never find out what was wrong with me. Overall, I had been to 22 different doctors, dentists, and oral surgeons, along with two trips to the emergency room. I had heard my pain was from everything from tooth infections, Epstein Bar, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and osteomyelitis. Finally, the day came when I went to see Dr. Singh. Meeting him was like finding the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. Dr. Singh was able to do in two minutes what all these other doctors could not. He diagnosed me with a bone infection around my cheekbone area that was also affecting my sinuses. Feeling the way I did, I knew I couldn't leave Dr. Singh's office without getting some kind of treatment. He performed two hours of surgery that day, and within hours I was feeling like my old self again. My eyesight and balance had returned to normal, and I was able to finally start feeling as if I would be able to live a normal life again. Dr. Singh is truly an amazing man and doctor. I could never thank him enough for what he did for me. He was the only one that was able to help me get back to my normal self and, for that, I am forever grateful."

"Dear Dr. Singh, We all would like to thank you profusely for your kindness and generosity regarding Alona's treatment. Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule in meeting me on Alona's behalf. We are all more at ease now that we know Alona is in the very best of hands under your professional and personal expertise. We have absolutely no worries about the outcome of Alona's smile, with you in charge. Again, thank you for your utmost kindness and generosity in taking us on (my son, Don, eventually also), and for the discount you bestowed upon us."
The Hutchings Family

"As a young girl, I had never wanted to go to the dentist. I had always had horrible experiences, terrible pain, and poor results. I was forced to go by my parents, of course. However, when I left for college at 16, a habit of self-diagnosis and care was employed to avoid dental visits. This pattern of neglect was a mistake I discovered. Despite my efforts in adulthood to find a satisfactory dentist, I found myself repeating the same pattern of neglect. I had been to other doctors but failed to complete any work or even go for a second visit, because fear and discomfort discouraged me. After one more try, I finally found Arch Dental, my doctors, Dr. Pankaj Singh, Dr. Jerome Kaufman, and Arna McNiff. The staff of professionals at Arch is courteous, caring, and efficient. What's more amazing is that I've never felt more comfortable during any dental procedure as I do here at this practice."

"Just a quick note to say many thanks for all of your help on Saturday. You really took such great care of my daughter, and I am forever grateful. She was so nervous and your whole office staff made it such a pleasure. She is actually asking when she can come in to get her teeth cleaned. I appreciate you all for taking the extra time and giving extra TLC; we really appreciated everything. See you soon!"
Maria and Alexis

"Hello, I was in your office yesterday for some work, and I just wanted to say that you and your staff were extremely nice. I have not been to a dentist in many years because of fear. Your office manager, Angela, and dental hygienist, Arna, made me feel very comfortable. The care that was given to me was not only professional, but also very caring. I thank you all very much for the attention and care. I would not hesitate recommending your office to anyone. Even though I live one and a half hours away, I would not go anywhere else for dental work. Have a great day and wonderful weekend."

"Most letters are to complain, but mine is to praise. This office, staff, as well as Dr. Singh, are the most understanding, compassionate people I have ever met. From the time of consultation to the actual operation as well as post-op visits, nothing has changed. They are interested in the patient as well as the family associated with the patient. Dr. Singh explains every detail with you, so you are not surprised by the results. He has a way about him that is not false, but sincere. For this reason only did we come here from upstate New York (Sparrow Bash) for the procedure to be done. This indeed is a state-of-the-art facility."

"Dear Dr. Singh, For the past two years, I have been suffering with dental pain. I was taking Advil constantly, with little relief. Despite other dentists trying to treat me, I was still miserable. I heard of your office on the radio and decided to call you and come in for treatment. I have been phobic of needles and dentists since I can remember. The interest and compassion you have expressed in the course of my treatment was incredible. No dentist in the past has ever showed more compassion, and made me feel so comfortable. You have been so patient and supportive that I have actually overcome my fear. I will continue to seek treatment from you, until you are no longer practicing dentistry. I have also referred other people to you, giving you the utmost respect you deserve. To me, you are not only a dentist, you are an angel. I thank you for taking such wonderful care of me and my family. I also must thank your wonderful staff; they, too, are compassionate and so helpful. I had major work done on my teeth, and your staff was always filled with kind words. I commend them as well. You, Dr. Singh, are a wonderful, kind, compassionate person, as well as professional. You are an asset to your profession, and from the bottom of my heart, I will ALWAYS be grateful."

" I am the biggest chicken when it comes to pain. This is the main reason I have avoided the dentist for so long. Previously I would go to the dentist when in extreme plain ONLY. I don't usually listen to radio ads but, when I heard Dr. Brenner's, I gave it a shot. I was completely satisfied with my experiences. From the first time I called to make an appointment they were friendly. Even when I tried to cancel my appointment due to fear, they wouldn't let me; Maryam assured and helped me get over the fear of just coming into the office. I thank all of the staff! I now have a wonderful smile and fond memory of Peggy, Karen, Marianna and all of the girls in the office."

"Dear Dr. Singh, I just wanted to thank you for your kindness yesterday. Although I am extremely upset about the work missed by another dentist, I feel that I am headed in a positive direction with your advice. Hopefully, I will be able to undergo all of this work without IV sedation. Your office staff is exceptional!! I have never felt as welcome as I did when I came in yesterday. Maryam is just wonderful, and Meghan was very knowledgeable and so much fun to be with. I don't think I have ever laughed though X-rays in my life! Thank you again for everything, and I will see you soon."

"Dear Dr. Singh and Staff, I wanted to thank you for being such great people! During every experience with your office, you all are extremely helpful, courteous and kind. You and your staff are knowledgeable about dentistry, and I have full confidence in their skills and knowledge. I thank you for your gentle procedures. You all make procedures pain-free and comfortable. Thanks for everything; I always recommend your office to my friends and family."

"Hi Dr. Brenner, All I have to say is, Watch out corn on the cob!! Seriously, I want to thank all of your staff for a fantastic job. As always, your extremely courteous and professional staff makes this major procedure seem fast and virtually pain-free. Thanks for everything."

"Dear Dr. Brenner and Staff, I had the greatest experience at your dental office!! I kept your phone number in my purse a few months before I made the phone call. I was so scared and filled with anxiety about going to the dentist. Of course when you do not go to the dentist, problems pile up. My teeth where starting to break, and I was starting to have pain. So I made the call. I made an appointment a few days later and felt great about it! Of course, the day of my appointment, I was so nervous. I called the office to cancel. The office staff asked what they could do to make me feel more comfortable so I was able to come. They assured me I was the patient. They reminded me that I could come in for my appointment, and I called the shots. If I wanted a tour of the office and a cup of tea the first visit, that was what we were going to do, nothing to be anxious about. I thought to myself – this is a bit too good to be true; but it wasn't! With hesitation, I did go to my appointment. The second I walked through the door I knew at that moment that I had chosen the right dental office for me. You all treated me like family. Everyone genuinely cared and was concerned, making sure I was happy and comfortable the whole time. The office manager greeted me with a smile and a big hug of congratulations, since this was such a huge step for me. It meant so much to me!! I went into the room for the consult and since I had issues taking X-rays, the assistant, Marianna, really helped me so that I was comfortable when they put the X-ray in my mouth. There was laughter in the room and everything just seemed calming to me. Dr. Brenner, when you came into that room, the way you spoke to me, really eased all the fears I had, and I am forever grateful for that. A few days after my first appointment, I received a congratulations/welcome card in the mail, which meant so much to me for them to acknowledge they knew what it took for me to go to this appointment. Unfortunately, I did need a lot of dental work, but you and your office made it possible for me to do all the work anxiety- and stress-free. I am so happy I made that phone call. I will recommend all of my family and friends to this office!! Thanks so much!!"

"You and your staff have been wonderful. As you all know, I was very phobic of needles and dentists. My past experiences were terrible. I had major work done, and the compassion and kindness you've shown has been wonderful, as well as professional. I thank you for all the wonderful treatment and patience. It is a great feeling to have no mouth pain and to know I can come to treatment without any fear. I will always be grateful. Thank you!!"

"I am so pleased with everyone on your staff. They are all really customer service orientated, polite and always willing to help. I will definitely make my trip to the dentist, now that I know Dr. Singh and his staff will keep a positive and friendly atmosphere. Keep up the good work; patients like me are very appreciative!"

"Dear Dr. Brenner, I would like you to know you and your team made me feel so special and comfortable. You all assured me that everything would be fine. And it was! You all are a Godsend, and I am grateful for you for putting my fears at ease. You brought joy to what I only knew as pain. I love you all and will recommend you all to my family and friends."

"I went in with very unhealthy gums and weird front teeth and emerged a few weeks later with pink healthy gums and terrific front teeth! It was also educational in terms of overall dental care. Thank you very much."
Anne Marie

"I went in with very unhealthy gums and weird front teeth and emerged a few weeks later with pink healthy gums and terrific front teeth! It was also educational in terms of overall dental care. Thank you very much."

"Dear Dr. Kaufman, Just a note to thank you so much for the care and expertise you demonstrated on the fitting of my new dentures. You really are a craftsman! I'm just so happy that you are still in practice, and I was able to find you again. My old dentures lasted 15 years, and I expect my new ones will do the same. I have no problems at all, and that's an amazing testament to your skills! I'm sure you know it, but you have the greatest staff! I also appreciate you doubling up my visits to save me the long trip. Thank you again!"
Mary Ann

"I went to see Dr. Singh for a consultation. I had two broken teeth that needed to be fixed. Dr. Singh had made me two porcelain crowns, and I couldn't be happier. The fee was reasonable and worth it. When it came time for me to deal with insurance with the office manager, Jessie, all of my questions were answered. I highly recommend this office."
Robert B.

"I was interested in a holistic dentist and, after searching the Internet, I came across Arch Dental of Huntington. Dr. Brenner and Dr. Singh, were able to answer all my questions and concerns regarding amalgam-free dentistry. The staff was warm and caring, right from the start. They were truly accommodating, and the office manager had a genuine concern for my treatment options. After having had a horrible experience in a different office, it is refreshing to see there still is a place that actually cares for their patients and not the money!"

"Dear Dr. Singh and Staff, I am so grateful for everything your office has done for me. Your dental work is painless and you have a very gracious staff! The financing plans you offered really helped me out, too. Thank you!! I am so happy with all of my dental work, and I think your office is the BEST!!"

"I wholeheartedly recommend Arch Dental. For someone who is extremely scared of the dentist, this office made the dental experience as pleasant as possible. The warm and friendly staff made me fell so comfortable. The doctor considerately explained all of the procedures he would be doing on my mouth and put my anxiety at ease. I received an extensive onlay on a rotted tooth and am on my second Invisalign brace. The onlay looks like my own natural tooth, and I already see a difference in the alignment of my teeth. I can't wait to see the full improvement of the Invisalign. Awesome staff and excellent dentistry!!!"
Georgia D.

"I love my smile!! Thank you everyone at Arch. Having Invisalign was the best thing I could have done. Eleven months later, my teeth are so perfect. I'm not the type of person that can stay on diets or take my vitamins every morning, but this was so easy to do."